Feeling a little nostalgic

So here I am, waiting on my computer to process almost 600 images from an event last night thinking about this blog. And well it started me thinking about the things I’ve shot. And it got me thinking of some of my old work.

It funny how you lose track of you work. The images kind of roll into one another after a while. The portfolio images change in and out to keep it current and meaningful and well the just drop out.

That said I thought it would be fun to dust a few off at show you a few.

I used to shoot a lot of wake boarding. It was a fun time! Really how can you not have fun. Sun, surf, sand! Have to say I kinda miss it now. I just might have to set up something for this summer. I shot this at a competition in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

And one of my favourite images of all time, well as far as landscapes go. It was just one of those perfect times. The light, the scene, and the timing. I think the thing I like the most about landscape photography is you can’t control it. Ya you can scout, you can plan, but at the end of the day there is nothing you can do to control the actual landscape. When it all comes together it can be magical!


At that’s what photography is really about! The magic of our lives!


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