Always Keep your Eye Out


The lesson for the day is alway keep an eye out for details.  And keep your camera with you.  Yesterday I was off to the country with my family, looking for a sugar bush.  We do this every year, and this time my wife wanted to go to a new location.  Sounded good!  Well the GPS took us in on a bit of a wild goose hunt and we never did find it.  

But while rolling down the road I spotted this old farm sign.  Looks like it hasn’t been used for year.  I had to stop and look at it.  My mind just went right into the where is the composition, what’s the crop, what’s the color tone?  I had to come up with it all kinda fast, My 5 year old was getting antsy in the back seat, but I wasn’t about to let her loose on the side of the road while I explored the scene.

The scene is a little cluttered at first, tree’s, branches, a roof, a ditch, a fence, ugh!  I knew I had to simplify the scene to make the shot i had in my mind.  Low angle, a little closer, open up the aperture, set up a multi exposure compensation 2 stops apart (there wasn’t much sky detail, and I wanted to make sure I had what I needed).

All told I think I was there maybe 5 minutes, and I got just what I wanted.  

Now I realize that most landscape photographers would have said, lets come back and shoot the scene later with different light, a better sky, or maybe a different season.  And yes I may do that?  But like I said in an earlier post, I’m about what I see in the moment.  In the fraction of a second we drove by I saw a shot, turned around and got what it.

Hope you like it, it’s going to be the next 30×40 shot in my living room.  I sent it to the printer this morning.

Stick around I’m going to interview a buddy, for the next post.  He is a pro photographer to. 


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