I am a Professional Photographer.   I’m a husband and a Dad.  Most of the time I don’t know which order they come in.  I shoot many different things, for many different clients, that’s what I love about it.  I don’t have a chance to get board.  I do have a chance to become sleep deprived, so I may ramble from time to time.  I’ve also realized that I want to do more, more with my life and family and more as a photographer.  I think I’m really just starting to hit my stride, and I need to push myself more!  Hence, I started this Blog, a good start to my more, and hopefully not an end to it!


3 thoughts on “About

    • Wish I could share more of my work. The contracts that I am currently bound by do not allow me to show about 98% of my work. I am producing some work specifically for this blog so hopefully you’ll be able to see things as I go. Because of my portfolio predicament I am also producing 2 specific personal projects which I will be showing on the from time to time, seperate from the images specifically for this blog.

      I’m based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Your from Ireland, I assume from your blog. I miss Ireland, my wife and I spent 5 weeks there. Down in Bantry Bay and Skull. It was awesome!


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